Saturday, January 12, 2019

Home Decoration and Oil Painting

Whether the designer or the owner of the house, it is not easy to add several decorative Extra Large Modern Painting to the newly decorated room, which can not only reflect the decorated style, but also show the owner's taste. Decorative Large Abstract Art painting as a household decoration is not necessary, but if not matched properly, it will greatly affect the whole decoration.

Large Abstract Minimalist Art, Black White Yellow                                 Paintings, Large Art

The harmony of decorative design style and interior.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of decorative paintings on the market, such as craft Custom Abstract Wall Art, mounting paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, hand-painted oil paintings and so on. These decorative paintings play an important role in interior decoration, but we think that the most fashionable decorative paintings that can best reflect the identity of guests should be hand-painted.

First of all, whether it is world famous paintings, photographic works or any pictures you can find, can be made into hand-painted oil paintings; secondly, hand-painted oil paintings can be made into any size you want according to your needs; in addition, hand-painted oil paintings can also be customized according to your value orientation, high-quality oil paintings in accordance with your identity, or choose customization, that is, decorative. Fashion oil paintings with good quality and low price. Modern decorative style of room furnishings, mainly Western-style oil painting, gouache, photography, landscape painting and other decorations. Because there is no fixed pattern and relatively free rules for the display of these works of art, some rules must be noticed in the decoration of oil painting art, or there will be errors that blindly copying others and making it look foolish.

Rule 1. When hanging oil paintings, the height of the hanging paintings should be adjusted according to the height of the living room. It is important to adjust the height of the hanging paintings according to the light condition of the living room. Because the oil paintings are very easy to reflect light, if directly facing the positive light source, it will affect the angle of the picture. In order to achieve a better visual effect, the front and upper side light is used to make the light source at the suspension consistent with the light source painted.

Rule 2. Hang painting height from the ground 1.5-1 .8 M is appropriate. There is a golden section to determine the height of the painting. The central position of the oil painting is 0.618 of the wall height on this golden section point.Because hanging too low is not conducive to the protection and appreciation of the picture, hanging too high, so that the viewers look up, the picture will produce perspective distortion.

Rule 3. If you want to hang a number of oil paintings, you should consider the distance between the painting and the painting, and you should avoid secrecy. Oil paintings with the same picture should have the same spacing, but they should not be arranged and hung regularly. They have a certain sense of dislocation, which makes the whole picture have a change of light, weight and warmth. For works with inconsistent pictures, attention should be paid to the neatness of the bottom and the consistency of the tilt of the picture. Large paintings should have a certain space distance for long-distance appreciation.

Rule 4. Oil paintings should not be displayed in glass frames. Although glass is good for protecting the picture, it is easier for glass to reflect light and affect the viewing effect. When hanging, there should be no hanging rope to show the picture frame, that is, the so-called dark hanging, which is different from the hanging of the picture works.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Key Points of Flower Painting in Oil Painting

Extra Large Modern Painting of flowers is not simple, many people often deliberately draw the details of each petal, leaf and stem too much, resulting in the picture looks very messy. So it is very important to simplify flowers to some extent. Not only that, but also we must know the main characteristics of these flowers, in order to correctly judge which should be simplified and which should be prominent: they look full, healthy or weak, round or trumpet-shaped, there are several flowers on each stem or only one? How thick is the stalk compared with the flower? All these features need to be understood before they can be depicted.

Another mistake that beginners are prone to make is that they can't correctly associate the stems with the containers. So if the flowers are painted in an opaque vase, try to associate the shape of the stalks under the mouth of the vase so that you can draw the correct position and proportion of the flowers and stalks above.

Before starting to paint flowers, the more thorough you think about this aspect, the less you will experience endless modifications in the process of formal Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art. Too many modifications will lead to a mess in your work. It's also important to think carefully about the color relationships of objects, because they are often painted differently than you expect. Some leaves are translucent, and light shines through them that will project unexpected shadows.

And the color of petals in Large Handmade Abstract Painting is unpredictable. For example, we all know that Narcissus is yellow, but once you look at its petals carefully, you will find that it is actually a combination of a series of green and brown, and only the highlights will be real yellow.

Drawing sketches is a very wise choice before starting a formal creation, and you will find it easier to draw from the dark to the bright, and then leave the highlights to the last. Be decisive and try to be bold when portraying petals rather than tentatively using a small mink brush. As far as possible, don't draw a part over and over again. If something is wrong for some reason, it's better to scrape it off and start over.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Correggio-Abstract Art For Sale

Abstract Art For Sale-Correggio (1489-1534) Antonio alegli was born in correggio,Large Canvas Art Cheap a small village near padua, northern Italy.
I have been influenced by local painters since childhood.
When I was 17 years old, I saw the works of many westerners and others, and absorbed the perspective painting method of human depiction and the colors of Venetian painting school.Black and White Abstract Canvas Art In particular, I admired leonardo Da Vinci, who made him have a profound study and understanding of chiaroscuro progressive method.
His paintings combine the characteristics of Da Vinci, Raphael and Venetian school to form his own unique style.
This style is called "pre-baroque" by later generations.
Correggio's early works are simple and lyrical.
His most outstanding contribution lies in his extremely rich imagination,Contemporary Canvas Art and he developed the zenith fresco that can create the illusion of space depth, with unique composition and strong color, to achieve the artistic effect of false and true, which will make people feel dazzling.
He once made the mural "the virgin rose to heaven" for the roof of the main church of padua. The roof of the painting seems to be lifted, creating a vivid and illusory image of the virgin rose to the sky with a strong sense of movement.
In his later years, correggio depicted many charming female mythological images with hedonistic tendencies. He was good at creating a relaxed and happy mood in the picture and dared to depict sexy naked women and scenes.
"Jupiter and IO" in Greek mythology, the king of the gods known as Jupiter in Roman mythology, he has had seven wives, and at the same time, many beautiful women such as antiope, danae, Europa, lida, semele, Helen, IO, and other personal
IO was the chief priestess of Juno, and because Jupiter had fallen in love with IO, she had turned her into a heifer and had given her to the Argus to watch out for out of jealousy.

Jupiter hermes killed the Argus, and Juno sent a great gadfly after IO, leaving her no place to hide.
Eventually, she escaped to Egypt.
There, Jupiter had restored her human form and turned Juno into a cloud for the eos.
The picture depicts the tryst.
Almost a half of the scene, the thick grey and black smoke is a magical and intense contrast to IO's graceful, charming and ecstatic figure, and the thin taste of the smoke is invisible to Jupiter.
His head loomed, but his human form was something else, and it was this shadowy, if non-existent, resourceful, fantastic Jove that made IO at this moment seem overjoyed and indulgent..
This is the masterpiece of Italian Renaissance painter correggio.
The parma painter could hardly belong to any school. His works have the tenderness and delicacy of Da Vinci's art and the elegance of Raphael's art.
There is the unexpected imagination in Michelangelo's art, and the subtle, rich and wonderful colors of the Venetian school.
Although his subject matter is almost limited to bible stories and classical myths, it reflects humanistic spirit and secular emotion.
Although he was in the heyday of the Renaissance, his works had the tendency of the later popular baroque art;
Therefore, it should be said that correggio is not only an outstanding painter in the heyday of the Renaissance, but also an explorer with advanced consciousness.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

How do you hang oil paintings on the wall-Abstract Art For Sale

Abstract Art For Sale-The bedroom of contemporary adornment style is furnished,Large Canvas Art Cheap basically use western-style oil painting, gouache, photograph to draw, landscape to wait for adornment.

As there is no fixed pattern for the layout of these artworks, they are relatively free. In the art decoration of oil paintings, some rules must be paid attention to, otherwise the mistakes will be made out of nothing.When a regulation hangs oil painting work, the height that hangs a picture wants to adjust according to the height of the bedroom, important is the light condition that depends on the bedroom, because oil painting is very easy to glance, if face directly positive light source, can affect the Angle of the picture.
In order to achieve a better visual effect, the front side of the upper light, as far as possible to achieve the suspension of the light source and the painted light source.

Rule 2. The height of the painting should be 1.5-1.8m above the ground.
There is a golden section to determine the height of the painting.
The central position of the painting is 0.618, the golden section of wall height.
Because the suspension is too low, it is not conducive to the protection and appreciation of the picture. Large Canvas Art Sale  The suspension is too high, so that the viewer looks up, which will make the picture perspective deformation.

Rule 3 if you are going to hang multiple oil paintings, consider the distance between them.
Painting the same canvas, spacing should be consistent, but not regular arrangement of the suspension, a certain sense of strewn at random, so that the whole picture has weight changes in temperature.
For works with inconsistent drawings, pay attention to the neatness of the bottom edge and the same inclination of the picture.
Bigger picture should have certain space distance, facilitate long-distance appreciation.Rule 4 oil painting had better not put in glass frame display, although glass is advantageous to protect the picture,Large Wall Art but glass is easier to reflect, affect ornamental effect.
When hanging, cannot have hang a rope to expose picture frame, namely so-called dark hang, it and the suspension of picture work, have certain distinction.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Draw by hand on black walls

Black wall painting / abstract art for sale - a brief introduction to black wall painting
Black wall is painted by hand with the painting pigment of environmental protection, according to master interest and interest, the integral style that caters to household, all sorts of patterns are drawn on metope in order to achieve adornment result.
Hand draw wall picture is the tide that occupy the home to decorate in recent years, it not only has very good adornment effect, the fashionable grade that unique picture also reflected host.

Today's hand-painted wall can be matched with a variety of home styles.
Before drawing, want to choose dimension, design, color and modelling according to the integral style of the bedroom and tonal.
Sitting room, bedroom, dining-room, toilet can become the window that hand draws metope, but apply at present at TV setting wall and dining-room adornment more.

Black wall painting hand-painted - the development trend of black wall painting
The hand-painted wall has been popular since 2007, and it has never been known to the public for a short period of time. Now it has become a new favorite of fashion.
Hand-painted decoration with its own beauty, fashion, personality, generous, more and more become the favorite of today's home decoration.
Home is a very important private place for modern people.
How will the home dress up more sweet with vogue, it is the demand of more and more person, and the wall sticks can satisfy a kind of requirement like public just about, let individual character dye-in-the-wood be everywhere!
The development trend of hand painted wall is very marketable.
First of all, the development of home decoration in China is still in the bud stage of development, and wall paste is just belonging to the category of home decoration, is a new and new material object;
Next, the person that pursues quality of life and grade is more and more, be bound to create a kind of atmosphere for the development that the wall sticks, the wall that chooses a fashionable individual character sticks, the feeling that can let a home surely is extraordinary!

Hand-painted black wall painting ,abstract art for sale  is a good hand-painted, which can well demonstrate the special local culture and bring different feelings. It can also be designed as stickers, which can be changed at any time.
Hand-painted wall paintings will definitely add a beautiful view to your room.
Black wall painting by hand and the room's vintage decoration match, building a pastoral style.

Monday, October 22, 2018

How to make adornment picture and household more harmonious?

Many people choose to hang posters or pictures on the walls of their homes.In the Internet search term, the living room decorative painting, bedroom decorative painting are high-frequency words.Visible, adornment picture is to occupy a place in household life.Then, how to let the decorative painting play the maximum function, the choice of the appropriate picture frame and the appropriate position is very important.

Next, let's look at a set of scenario analysis situations. The hanging method of the decoration painting is different in different environments.
One, if the large area on whole room metope is blank and horizontal length, should choose a long painting of black and white landscape with sofa almost the same width, it is to suit atmosphere, 2 it is to form parallel composition with sofa.
2, if be in rest area, and have two Chinese style chairs, a Chinese style cabinet, so, choose Chinese style to hang a picture, the space that lets each other is glued together, make whole layout resembles a picture.This also proved a

bit, the choice of adornment picture, style should be mixed with household style photograph.
Three, if two same size of painting, what show is same theme, hang on the wall side by side, can give a space a kind of stability feeling, and can be connected on the content of the picture, also have distinction, can increase the

content of metope theme more.
Four, choose to hang a picture to be the most common for bathroom metope.For example, a home of two people, the bathroom of male and female host all designs according to lover archives, reveal symmetrical everywhere, so, hang two

paintings in parallel on symmetrical object, mutual echo, also represent two people respectively at the same time.This kind of hang a method, make life more interest undoubtedly.
Five, two style very close hang a picture, can use before and after relation on metope application.For example, choose two hanging paintings, one of which is hung on the wall according to the normal Angle of view, and the other is placed

on the table in front of the wall. In this way, there are more changes in the contrast and coordination between the front and the back, making the unified space more layered.
Six, many picture can use strewn at random put technique, many picture size union win with quantity.This kind hangs a picture method to suit common family quite, do not have too much exquisite, want quantity to achieve certain level

only, can have better effect.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

How Can I Create My Living Room Seem Larger?

Well, i believe, I have a tiny family room also. Here are a few tricks to fit everything in without seeming crowded:

Put your backs contrary to the walls. In a long narrow living room, try leaving the center of the room as open as possible. abstract art for sale The particular rug and light fitting help balance out the look so it doesn't really appear to be everything is backed contrary to the walls.

Replace a table lamp and part table with a floor lamp. That is a great way to save space and add a vertical line in the room.
May give up on the idea of a sectional. You'd be surprised how well your room could accommodate a smaller sectional. Here a light neutral color practically mixes into the wall, keeping it from resembling it's eating up all the space in the part.
Extend the view. Keeping the curtains open on these wonderful large home windows extends the space via the view.
Arrange your furniture around a circular coffee table. You will not be as likely to bonk your shins on edges, as well as your furniture will have a radius.
Use a rug trick. Making use of a little area rug and centering furniture around it can give the impression of more open floor space. This dark carpet against the dark floor keeps it from looking like a postage stamps.
Add a window chair. Generally speaking, abstract art for sale you wouldn't otherwise back seating right upward to the advantage of the window; you can integrate the seat to the rest of the room. Bonus: Underneath, you might be covering up a rad or adding storage.
Install the tv to the wall. Eliminate the requirement for a piece of furniture to plop it on upon. Work with a carpenter and an electrician to create a niche in the wall for the sleep of that pesky electronic equipment.
Use smoke and mirrors. Well, in this instance, really merely a honkin' big reflect that will trick the eye into thinking the room is larger and more open.